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About Us

Our Mission

The love of family is one of life’s greatest blessings. Our mission at 5 Family Ranch is to make your wedding day the first of many blessings in your life together.

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Our Story

Tom Carlson and his wife Melanie both grew up and live in the Wabasso area with their three children. Being a part of a large family, they attend a lot of weddings.  Recently, they've attended weddings at stunning venues similar to 5 Family Ranch.  Their experiences at the weddings were unforgettable and sparked an interest to build something for others to enjoy that is close to home with family-centered values.  Tom brought his idea to life after discussing it with family, who were all supportive and excited about the idea.  A few short months after verbalizing the concept, together with four of Melanie's siblings, the 5 Family Ranch, LLC became a reality.


From our family to yours, we are excited to bring that same uniqueness and unforgettable experience to Southwest Minnesota.

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